IDP Super Duty standard fuel system COMPLETE KIT (Includes regulated return) NOW WITH NEW BOSCH 464-200 PUMP, BILLET FILTER AND PUMP BASE!





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Irate Diesel Standard COMPLETE fuel system. 5/8″ pickup tube, Parker 801-10 line from tank to IDP 304ss fuel bracket, Baldwin filters NEW IDP BILLET filter base ,BOSCH 464-200 fuel pump, 801-8 line to motor, Irate regulated return with Fuelab regulator and liquid filled gauge, 801-6 return line and wiring harness.   System is complete  from the tank forward and gets rid of all those pesky fuel bowl leaks and in tank pick-up issues.  This system uses a water separator before the pump and a final filter after the pump to provide clean water free fuel going to your 7.3L! 

***Comes with our stainless steel hardline fuel bowl delete  Regulated return kit!!

This system will support up to a 250/200 injector or support 550-600RWHP. 

In some instances you may have to remove the up-pipe on the drivers side to fit the new supplied 90* fitting but this is rare.  

If you have a gen3 or BTS HPOP set up, please let us know in the checkout so we can bend you the correct lines to clear them.


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Weight 23 lbs