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Full IDP T4 mounting kit with S369FMW turbo, and all parts needed for installation!! (OBS trucks need to have 3″ plenums) Just hook up your air filter and exhaust and this system is ready to run! **PRICE INCLUDES 2.5-3″ reducing boot nessassary for instalation!  

You are looking at the much anticipated S369 FMW turbo!  This turbo will spool up like an S300 but have the flow of an S400(467.7)!  

It comes standard with the forged milled (billet) wheel, 360* thrust,  (comes with the SX-E series and FMW turbos standard)  and intergrated boost pressure and speed sensor port.  If you have been waiting for a quick spooling, high flowing turbo for 500-600 hp on a 7.3L this is it!!  This turbo can also be used with STOCK injectors if you plan to upgrade later down the road, it will spool up quickly still! 

Other options include a 1.0 housing for more flow on the top end and lower drive pressures.

On a superduty, add a wastegate for anything with a 200% nozzle to help control drive pressures!  

On a 7.3L this turbo will work great with stage 1’s all the way up to 250/200 injectors!!**  

Please choose your housing, we recommend a .91 for 250cc stage 3’s and lower and 1.0 for anything larger.  
**Fire wall modifications might be necessary (depending on your body mount conditions) for the down pipe, even if you have a 3″ down pipe for the stock turbo in place already.
***94-97 trucks:  We recommend replacing the body mounts if your are worn out to make the down pipe fit easy, find them HERE 

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Weight 100 lbs