650+ 7.3L Combinations


Here is a list of parts needed to get 650+ rear wheel HP combo out your 7.3L. This is assuming you have the standard stuff like, Gauges, exhaust, and intake.

350/200 Hybrid injectors Here
Competition fuel system Here
Competition Valve springs Here
Smith Brothers Pushrods Here
Head Studs Here
Full Force dual HPOP pumps Here
Custom tuned chip Here or Hydra Here or just tunes if you already have a chip Here
Upgraded IDM Here

Turbo size recommendations:

T4 366SXE We recommend using this turbo for 100% nozzles.  While still spooling quick, this charger flows enough for 550-575hp on the big end with 100% nozzle Hybrids. We recommend using a .91 housing.

369SXE We recommend this turbo for anything over 550RWHP.  We have used this charger with all 100% nozzle injectors all the way up to 300/200’s where we made 625RWHP.  Use a .91A/R for under 600hp and a 1.0A/R for over 600hp.

467.7 Billet We recommend using this turbo for most everyone shooting for big power on a 7.3L.  It works great for 550- 750RWHP on fuel.  Use this 400 series turbo for racing, pulling and dyno fun as well as street driving!  We recommend using the .90A/R for under 600HP (250/200’s and down)  and 1.10 for over 600hp (300/200’s-350/200’s.

Upgraded intercooler Here
Fluidampr Here
A/T Built it yourself transmission parts Here , Or get a custom built one here Here
M/T Southbend dual disc Here
Although it is not completely necessary, you might also think about a full built motor with connecting rods (Here), De Lipped and Coated Pistons (Here), Partial Fill on the block and Girdle for the ultimate in reliability. We have been running this set up for a while now, it can be tamed enough for an everyday driver and still tow if you add a water methanol kit like here.

If you have any questions about this set up please give us a call 503-435-9599 or E-mail us at info@iratediesel.com

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