Ultimate 7.3L Tow package (400-475RWHP)

Ultimate 7.3L Tow Package               

If you are looking to put together a great tow combination that will pull like the new trucks but with out the $50,000-$65,000 price tag, this is for you!   This is a proven combination that will net you the most reliable HP and keep those EGT’s in check at all times, even at altitude!  (This list is assuming you have gauges or a monitor to watch engine vitals.)  Let us know if you have any questions!  This set up can for sure be done in steps if you like, give us a call for more info!

-160/30 (425hp) or 160/100 (450hp) or 238/100’s (for 475-500 but requires studs springs and pushrods) Injectors from builder of your choice found Here

-Adrenaline HPOP Here

-Standard Superduty (Here) or OBS fuel system (Here)

-Complete T4 mount with S364.5SX-E turbo Here or 366SX-E Here

-Custom tuned TS chip or Hydra Here

-Aftermarket intercooler Here or Here

-Mild built Stage 1 transmission Here 

-If not building a trans a valve body Here and a converter Here would be recomended

-4″ exhaust Here

This set up will provide over 400RWHP and around 750ft/lbs of torque and will tow that camper, or large trailer with ease and not have to worry about EGT’s.  If you have any questions please give us a call 503-435-9599 or email us info@iratediesel.com .


Matt Maier

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