Ultimate 7.3L Tow package (425-475RWHP)

Ultimate 7.3L Tow Package               

If you are looking to put together a great tow combination that will pull like the new trucks but with out the $60,000-$85,000 price tag, this is for you!   This is a proven combination that will net you the most reliable HP and keep those EGT’s in check at all times, even at altitude!  (This list is assuming you have gauges or a monitor to watch engine vitals.)  Let us know if you have any questions!  This set up can for sure be done in steps if you like, give us a call for more info!

-160/30 (425hp), 205/30 HYBRIDS(Overall favorite injector for this power level) or 160-180/100 “A codes” (450hp), or 238/100’s (475-550hp) (for any HP 475+ we recommend head studs, valve springs and pushrods)  Hybrids are popular because you dont HAVE to do an aftermarket HPOP to get the listed HP.

Injectors can be bought from the builder of your choice : Here

-Adrenaline HPOP Here

-Standard Superduty (Here) or OBS fuel system (Here)

Turbo size recommendations:

T4 364.5SXE We recommend for STOCK injectors and all injectors with a 30% nozzle (238/100’s can be used here also to get all out power but Head studs, Valve  Springs and pushrods are recommended).  This charger spools a couple hundred RPM faster than a 366SXE (GREAT FOR TOWING)  and has plenty of flow for STOCK power to around 500hp!  We recommend using a .91 housing.

T4 366SXE We recommend using this turbo for 100% nozzles.  While still spooling quick, this charger flows enough for 550-575hp on the big end with 100% nozzle Hybrids. We recommend using a .91 housing.

-Custom tuned Hydra Here

-Aftermarket intercooler is not needed but if you want to upgrade or need one for your 94-97 look  Here or Here

-Mild built Stage 1 transmission Here 

-If not building a trans a valve body and a converter Here would be recomended

-4″ exhaust Here

This set up will provide OVER 400RWHP and around 750ft/lbs of torque and will tow that camper, or large trailer with ease and not have to worry about EGT’s.  If you have any questions please give us a call 503-435-9599 or email us info@iratediesel.com .


Matt Maier

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