IDP T4 GTX4202R complete kit



T4 GTX4202R Must select compressor size in notes!

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Full IDP T4 mounting kit with GTX4202R turbo and all parts needed for installation!!

****Multiple compressor, 70,71.8, 73.8 and 75.8*** All have 102mm exducer and 75/83 turbine!

This turbo is an excellent choice for stage 2 up to 350/200 injectors.  This is a Ball Bearing Billet wheel  turbo that will spool Ok on the street with proper tuning and make awesome power up top.  This turbo used a Vband outlet on the hot side intercooler pipe.

Please select model of truck you have!

**Waste-gate NOT available on 94-97 OBS trucks!

**94-97 trucks must have electric fuel system to run our T4 kit.

  • Turbo Kit Parts list
    1 Pedestal OBS/SD
    1 L Bracket OBS/SD
    1 Bellowed Up-pipe Assembly OBS/SD
    1 Braided Oil supply line OBS/SD
    1 Stainless Oil drain line OBS/SD
    1 Aluminum turbo drain flange OBS/SD
    1 Aluminum valley drain flange W/O-ring OBS/SD
    1 Stainless Intake Y OBS/SD
    1 Intercooler pipes, SD 2 pipes. OBS 3 pipes OBS/SD
    1 4” stainless intake pipe OBS/SD
    1 Downpipe lower and upper section OBS 3”, SD 4”. OBS/SD
    1 4” V-band clamp SD downpipe upper to lower connection SD
    1 3.5” or 4” v-band for S300 or S400 style turbo OBS/SD
    1 Band clamp for 2 piece OBS downpipe connection OBS
    1 Compressor intake boot. 4” for S300, 5” for S400 & 5.5” for Race cover. OBS/SD
    2 Clamps for intake boot to turbo and intake pipe. OBS/SD
    1 3/8”NPT X 10JIC 45* fitting OBS/SD
    1 1/2”NPT x 10JIC 45* fitting OBS/SD
    1 1/8”NPT x 6JIC straight fitting OBS/SD
    1 1/4”NPT x 6JIC straight fitting OBS/SD
    1 3/8″ plug for intake Y, not used on SD OBS
    1 Pedestal O-rings OBS/SD
    9 M8 flange bolts for pedestal and up-pipes OBS/SD
    4 M10 studs with flat washers and nuts OBS/SD
    4 M8x40 flange bolts and locking flange nuts, up-pipe to manifold. OBS/SD

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Weight 100 lbs