Full Force Dual High Pressure Oil Pump Kit (Core charge included)



Add fuel lines(Required)
These lines are custom bent to work with the dual pumps. You must have our fuel system on your truck, these lines replace the existing front ones to clear. 99-03 gets 2 lines, 94-97 gets all 4.


This kit will use your factory HPOP on the bottom and come with a reverse rotation OEM style pump for the top as well as the billet mounting reservoir and all parts with install instructions.  We recommend this pump for any injector size!!

This is a DUAL IPR set up and has the best street manners of any set up this size because of this.  (comes with IPR)

Works great on 200% nozzle injectors all the way up to the 400% nozzles, they don’t make an injector these pumps won’t keep up with.

The FFD high performance dual HPOP kit is the all in one system that you need for any injector upgrade. The FFD Dual Pump kit is a re-release of the legendary, and patented, BTS Dual Pump system. With the ability to support any size injector currently on the market today. Even if your injectors aren’t the largest around, this hpop system will run them at 100% peak performance while also leaving room to grow in the future. The versatility of this hpop system is unrivaled. This pump is designed to effective with any size injector. From the completely stock truck to the all out sled pull or drag racing truck.

This system comes with a new secondary inline hpop that is used for additional flow and higher pressure. Both pump together supply large amounts of oil pressure for better throttle response. An increased ramp in the torque curve helps obtain this “out of the hole” performance.

Improvements are even more pronounced in the 5 and 6 speed applications. The additional dip in throttle response on initial take off with the manual transmission is decreased significantly. This increased level of throttle response provides a more seamless transition between shifts and normal boost levels. The torque curves is more “table top” with peak torque happening sooner and maximum torque holding longer. Perfect for towing applications.

Features dual IPR valves that allow this dual pump system to act as a driver friendly single pump system with a smooth idle and consistent throttle response. Dual IPR valves control the oil flow and allow the pumps to dump twice the oil volume much faster than other twin systems on the market. Choppy idle is eliminated at engine warm up. Simply the best dual HPOP system on the market.

*We add a core charge to cover the core on the new pump sent in the kit. You’re required to keep your stock pump to run with this system.

*Must have fuel bowl delete Regulated Return kit installed for clearance.

**If you have our fuel system you will need new lines, we offer them at a discount if purchased through us.

Kit includes:

  • Dual IPR pig tail
  • Steel balance tube
  • Allen head bolts
  • FFD Dual High pressure oil pump adapter block
  • Alignment stud
  • HPOP bolt and washer
  • All fittings
  • Gear inspection cover
  • New Hpop oil pump

Full 12 month warranty!!  


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs