IDP T4 S467.7 complete kit

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    Turbo you are needing the kit built for. **The 467.7 will come with a 3" boot outlet ONLY!
    This is only for the 467.7 turbos.
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Full IDP T4 mounting kit with S467.7 turbo, IDP plenums Included on 467.7 kits,  and all parts needed for installation!!

This turbo is an excellent choice for stage 2 up to 350/200 injectors. This is the same turbo used in our truck seen in the videos in our gallery section. This turbo performs very well and has excellent street manners also and the ability to tow when needed.

Please select model of truck you have!

Now you can add the 360* thrust washer upgrade for even more durability!  This is the set up we run all the way up to 750 RWHP spraying nitrous!!

Please select year of truck.

**94-97-Waste-gates NOT available on OBS trucks! Fire wall modifications might be necessary (depending on your body mount conditions) for the down pipe, even if you have a 3″ down pipe for the stock turbo in place already.

***94-97 trucks:  We recommend replacing the body mounts if your are worn out to make the down pipe fit easy, find them HERE 

If you are wanting 321 stainless please alow a week for assembly.  99% of the people out there do NOT need 321ss, we have been making over 700hp on the 304ss!  Call for price.

  (Also know as the S468)

**94-97 trucks must have electric fuel system to run our T4 kit.  

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Weight 75 lbs