Choose 68 (sub 500hp) or 74mm turbine wheel.
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  This is a great turbo for quick spool up and flows enough to support STOCK to moderate injectors.  This unit flows 74lbs per min.  Billet wheel and 360 thrust from the factory!   


This unit utilizes an all-new compressor section, with an FMW compressor, and a new, 4”/2.5” hose-type compressor, which makes it a direct-fit for the popular aftermarket units.  It also features the BWTS severe duty thrust system, with 6 wear pads vs. 3 for the standard thrust.  

**Comes as a “super core” so you will need to add housing of choice! 

This turbo comes standard with the 74mm turbine wheel which works great for 7.3L’s, 6.0L trucks should use the smaller 68mm turbine for fast spool up.


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Weight 25 lbs