Borg Warner S400SX3 FMW (Billet 82mm)




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This turbo has been used as a single in race only applications with good results but is recommended as the low pressure for a compound set up.  

  • Twin hydrodynamic journal bearings
  • Extended tip technology compressor wheel
  • Forged Milled Wheel Technology (Billet Aluminum)
  • Compressor cover recirculation grooves
  • Optimized compressor inlet geometry
  • Race Cover Standard
  • Adjustable compressor and turbine housing orientation
  • Twin scroll turbine housing
  • T4 Turbine Footprint

BW Part Number: 179182


You may also choose an additional turbine housing A/R. NOTE: Turbo already comes with a turbine housing as listed on the above chart.  If you would like a different turbine housing, you must purchase an additional housing from the below chart.


Oil feed port is 1/4NPT and oil drain is standard T3/T4 flange

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs


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