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   Full IDP T4 mounting kit with Irate S476 turbo, and all parts needed for installation!!  The kit will come with standard cover and V-band outlet compressor housing as well as V-band hot side pipe. 

  • This is a Forced Inductions Billet turbo from their TDI line up and has been on some of the quickest 7.3Ls out there!  We recommend this charger with anyone looking for MAX hp on a single charger that is still streetable but mainly a “race rig”.  Expected HP and vary a lot but we have seen 700+ with the right set up and still makes good low end torque.  
    This is a 476/87 Standard cover (V-band) “super core” and you choose the exhaust  housing needed!  
    Products specifications
    Turbo 476/87
    series S400
    Bolt Pattern T4
    Compressor Cover Standard Cover
    Turbine Wheel 87mm
    Compressor Wheel 76mm

Please select year of truck.

**94-97-Waste-gates NOT available on OBS trucks! Fire wall modifications might be necessary (depending on your body mount conditions) for the down pipe, even if you have a 3″ down pipe for the stock turbo in place already.

**94-97 trucks must have electric fuel system to run our T4 kit.  

  • Turbo Kit Parts list
    1 Pedestal OBS/SD
    1 L Bracket OBS/SD
    1 Bellowed Up-pipe Assembly OBS/SD
    1 Braided Oil supply line OBS/SD
    1 Stainless Oil drain line OBS/SD
    1 Aluminum turbo drain flange OBS/SD
    1 Aluminum valley drain flange W/O-ring OBS/SD
    1 Stainless Intake Y OBS/SD
    1 Intercooler pipes, SD 2 pipes. OBS 3 pipes OBS/SD
    1 4” stainless intake pipe OBS/SD
    1 Downpipe lower and upper section OBS 3”, SD 4”. OBS/SD
    1 4” V-band clamp SD downpipe upper to lower connection SD
    1 3.5” or 4” v-band for S300 or S400 style turbo OBS/SD
    1 Band clamp for 2 piece OBS downpipe connection OBS
    1 Compressor intake boot. 4” for S300, 5” for S400 & 5.5” for Race cover. OBS/SD
    2 Clamps for intake boot to turbo and intake pipe. OBS/SD
    1 3/8”NPT X 10JIC 45* fitting OBS/SD
    1 1/2”NPT x 10JIC 45* fitting OBS/SD
    1 1/8”NPT x 6JIC straight fitting OBS/SD
    1 1/4”NPT x 6JIC straight fitting OBS/SD
    1 3/8″ plug for intake Y, not used on SD OBS
    1 Pedestal O-rings OBS/SD
    9 M8 flange bolts for pedestal and up-pipes OBS/SD
    4 M10 studs with flat washers and nuts OBS/SD
    4 M8x40 flange bolts and locking flange nuts, up-pipe to manifold. OBS/SD




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Weight 60 lbs