Beans Diesel 7.3 Billet Intake Plenums



BDP plenums-d


Stock 7.3 intake plenums leave much to be desired. Made from a thin press formed sheet metal they are prone to leaking between the mounting bolts, inlets getting crushed or boots easily blowing off of them. 

What Beans Diesel has done is fix all of these issues while also improving air flow and performance. By being able to redesign them we can attain a much better air flow over factory intakes. With the machined aluminum surface you get a perfect seal to the head while also being super ridgid.  These may sound expensive but they are cheap compared to the frustration of blown boots or having to re-seal stock sheet metal ones. Plus there is the fact that they just look killer! 


  • Rigid machined 6061 aluminum for a perfect seal to the head and zero flex.
  • Boot retaining lip on inlet for positive clamp reinforcement to eliminate any blown boots.
  • High rise design to increase flow to all cylinders compared to other aftermarket flat intakes or factory intakes. 

*****Will not fit S400 Race cover T4 turbos or 94-97 7.3’s that have a stock turbo because it sits too low and will contact the compressor housing.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs