Head Studs, Springs and Pushrods package




    If you are wanting the competition "drop in" valve springs with 160+lbs seat pressure choose the bee hives, they come with keepers and locks. These are good for any set up. You can also choose to substitute the ARP head studs if you like instead of our head studs, and you can add the gaskets.
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Fits 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Engines

Head studs tested at 220,000+ PSI Tensile Strength

Includes 36 HD Cylinder Head Studs, 36 Hardened Washers, 36 Nuts & 1 Assembly Lube Packet

Our Head Stud material properties allow for far greater tensile strength compared to 8740 chromoly steel head studs. Threads are rolled after heat treatment for optimum fatigue strength.  Our heavy-duty studs clamping strength prevents cylinder heads from lifting under extreme conditions. 

 HD Head Studs have been rigorously lab-tested in the USA and are guaranteed strong! 

This is a package that includes our headstuds, Heavy wall Smith Brothers pushrods (made over 1000hp with these) and Comp Cams 910-16 valve springs with shim kit.

 You can also chose to replace 910’s with IDP bee-hive comp valve spring kit for better springs and higher seat pressures for boost above 60psi boost, these also do not require shimming in most cases so install is easier.  You can also choose to substitute our head studs for the ARP (250-4201) studs in the options.  

This kit will work for ALL 94-03 7.3L trucks.  

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Weight 35 lbs