7.3L FORD Master Rebuild Kit!




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  Is your old 7.3L finally getting tired?  Are you getting more and more blow by and oil leaks than you care to see?  If so, this is the kit for you!  This is the most complete comprehensive kit on the market and is backed by Fords parts warranty!  There are a few options you can add to make the kit that much better also. 

  If you are looking to make more HP and want to keep the reliability of the infamous 7.3L we HIGHLY recommend having the pistons and bearings coated.  This keeps heat off the piston so it maintains its dimensions better and this can be specifically helpful on a new build where tolerances are tight and there is more power is being put down. 

  We also have options for piston machine work.  We can de-lip the piston bowls, what this does is helps prevent minor cracks on the tops of the pistons around the sharp edge of the bowl.  You can also have the pistons machined for valve reliefs for larger cams, or just to have a little “wiggle room” between the valves and pistons when you are making higher power/ boost levels.  

  You can now choose the related items you want to add to the rebuild kit making this a one stop shop for a 7.3L rebuild! 


Any questions?  Just give us a call or shoot us an email!  info@iratediesel.com



1994.5-2003 7.3L Powerstroke Overhaul Kit (Standard Pistons and Rings) 

Extend the life of your engine!

If your engine block and other major external components are in good condition, then this overhaul kit is for you.

These Original Equipment (OE) engine overhaul kits deliver an affordable alternative to purchasing a rebuilt or used

engine. Only Ford Diesel Engine Overhaul Kits offer 100% genuine OE Ford components. These components enable

Ford diesel owners to extend the life of their engines with the added benefit of Ford’s competitive warranty.*

Each comprehensive kit has all the NEW parts you need for your overhaul, including:


Low Pressure Oil Pump**

Piston Rings

Seals & Gaskets

Oil Cooler

Glow Plugs**

Main Bearing Seal

And Much More

**DIT Kit Only

A complete materials information map

is included with each kit to help you

begin with confidence, knowing that

you’ll have all the parts you need.


Part numbers:
2C3Z6R007A (std pistons)
2C3Z6R007B (.010 pistons) NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE
2C3Z6R007C (.020 pistons)
2C3Z6R007D (.030 pistons)  NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE 

**The de-lip is just to get rid of the sharp edge, we do not cut into the bowl very far as not to disrupt the swirl or re-entry.  If the pistons are cut you HAVE to coat them also to protect them.  

*3 Stage coat includes top coat (ceramic) Dry Film Lubricant (side coat) and bottom oil shed.  

*2 Stage coating includes the top ceramic and the DFL side coating (most popular) 

*Single stage coat is just the ceramic top coat. 

Please allow at LEAST 3-5 weeks for 3 stage coating and 1-2 weeks for the single and 2 stage coatings.  Machine work takes around a week.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

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