7.3 Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit




A permanent external oil leak repair kit that you can install with basic hand tools in just an hour or two.​



The leak at the dipstick flange is a well known issue with the 7.3 Powerstroke motor. The leak develops because the factory O-ring mounted inside the adapter swells over time due to exposure to oil. As the seal swells it actually deforms the inner piece of the adapter causing the outer nut to loosen. Some people will try tightening the nut to stop the leak and that can work temporarily, but it only deforms the inner piece more.

The factory repair for this leak is to remove the pan and replace the whole unit from the inside of the pan. This is a time consuming and expensive repair.

There are a few aftermarket options out there designed to repair this from the outside of the pan.

There is a weld in bung option, Requiring welding to dissimilar materials with pipe fitter skills.

​There is a bolt on unit that requires dropping the internal part inside the pan and leaving it there loose.
Our kit reuses the internal part and moves the seal to the outside of the pan. Nothing left abandoned inside the pan and no welding.

/ Patent # 11,267,084
/ Designed in USA
/ Made in USA
/ Family Run Business


Driving reason for design

I wanted to come up with a cost effective solution for this problem to help the consumer out. The Powerstroke motor is such a durable motor I didn’t want my customers to get rid of their trucks because of the cost of repairing an oil leak.

A long term solution

The factory part usually fails around 150,000 miles. Even if you spend the money to replace it using the factory parts and method, it will probably fail at least one more time during the vehicles life. I have test vehicles with over 200,000 miles since the repair was performed and still no leaks. Meaning it outlasts the original design.



This kit can be installed with basic hand tools in about two hours. Saving time and money compared to other options available for repairing this problem.
Kit shown installed on factory internal part.
  The following is a recommended list of materials you’ll need to perform the installation. You will need a tube of sealer (I have found Permatex Ultra Black to be the best!), basic hand tools, parts cleaner (like brake clean, to clean and prep), and a holding tool  to prevent dropping the internal piece into the oil pan.
DISCLAIMER: It has been determined that this kit only works with Factory or Dorman internal dipstick flanges. If the internal part has ever been replaced with a part not made by these two manufacturers, this kit may not work. Also, if the dipstick nut has ever been over tightened, and the threads are pulled, you could still end up with a small leak.