1995.5 – 1997 Ford 7.3L Water pump with Coolant Filter




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New 7.3L Ford Powerstroke water pump with Coolant Filter all in one! Finally a complete bolt-on system that utilizes the International cast iron water pump, with everything needed fit the 7.3L Powerstroke. Fits 1995.5*-1997 7.3L engines.

*Many 1994-1995 7.3L Powerstrokes came equipped with IDI cooling systems. If you have a steel radiator and the cap is on the radiator, this kit will not work. You must have the later cooling system with the plastic expansion tank with the plastic radiator cap in the expansion tank.

This kit comes complete for a super-clean install! Includes:

  • 205º thermostat
  • Custom lifetime silicon lower radiator hose 
  • All plumbing hardware for conversion 
  • 3 Baldwin 5134 Coolant Filters
  • High quality bolts for installation

If you have a 95-97 truck, you can use your stock “OEM” thermostat housing and upper radiator hose. If you wish to use our billet thermostat housing and upper hose, simply add it to your order.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs