Regulated Return Fuel System




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Irate Diesel Regulated Return System

Kit comes complete with 304 stainless hard lines, Fuelab regulator, and JIC fittings. This is one of the cleanest simplest kits on the market. All lines are quality bent in the USA!

Our Regulated Return systems are a bowl delete system as well. If needing aditional filtration please look at our OBS or Super Duty systems to complete the project. 

**New line routing for improved fit with most all pump systems!

In some instances you may have to remove the up-pipe on the drivers side to fit the new supplied 90* fitting.  Customer is responsible for providing the #6 supply and return JIC fittings to connect to our RR from their existing filter bases.

If you have a gen3 or BTS HPOP set up, please let us know in the checkout so we can bend you the correct lines to clear them.

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Weight 5 lbs