ODX-AGM65 Odyssey Battery Group 65 PC1750T



ODX-AGM65 Odyssey Battery Group 65 PC1750T


This Battery is the ultimate cold start battery for the 7.3L all with NO core required!!  


ODYSSEY Auto/LTV Battery Model ODX-AGM65 (65-PC1750T)
(Group 65 with tin-plated brass SAE automotive posts)

Odyssey batteries group size 65 replacement with tin plated brass SAE automotive posts. Other AGM batteries have 770CCA 130 reserve minutes, and less cranking power. Similar “high cranking” batteries actually have less crank, 850CCA and just a 2 ½ year warranty. Flooded group 65 batteries will have around 675CCA, 130 minutes reserve time and a 2 year warranty. In other words, there is no comparison.

Length 11.8 in
Width 7.2 in
Height (terminals included) 7.5 in
Weight 54 lbs
Shipping Weight 56 lbs
Voltage 12
Cranking Amps (5 second start) 1750
Cold Cranking Ampms (CCA) 950
HCA 1350
MCA 1070
20HR Nominal Capaity (AH) 74
Reserve Capacity Minutes 145
Terminal SAE
Internal Resistance 2 mh
Short Circuit 5000A

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Weight 51 lbs