Full Force New PPT 6.0 155/30 Injector



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Introducing the Full Force Diesel New 155cc 30% Injectors: performance injectors that provide an extra powerful boost. Made with 100% new injectors, these fuel injectors guarantee increased flow for a superior driving experience. Featuring oversize nozzles of up to 30%, these injectors ensure a substantial increase of fuel from the standard 155cc.
These improved performance injectors are designed for peak efficiency, providing you with smooth power delivery and improved throttle response. Enjoy enhanced acceleration and torque that will take your diesel vehicle to the next level. The durable build of our Full Force Diesel New 155cc 30% Injectors promises long-term utilization, so you can rely on your vehicle’s improved power delivery for a longer time period.
For those looking for exceptional quality in their fuel injectors, look no further than the Full Force Diesel New 155cc 30% Injectors. Unobstructed fuel flow, combined with reliable construction ensures satisfaction with every purchase. Make sure to check out this professional-grade injected today!
Full Force Diesel 155cc Injectors:
  • 30% nozzles
  • Non-welded spill ports (broken welds create injector failures)
  • 525hp capable with stock turbo
  • Fuel system not required
  • Can work with standard tuning
  • Great for towing

Recommended upgrades for this injector

  • Head studs
  • Regulated return fuel system and front modified banjo bolts
  • Powermax turbo
  • Custom Tuning