E4OD/4R100 Manual Shift Controller (offroad use only Gas OR Diesel)

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   The “shift box” is designed to allow you to shift gears,  lock and un-lock the converter with a flip of a switch.  It allows full control of the shifting function of your transmission and works like a manual valve body without the shifter itself.  You just put the transmission lever in drive like normal then switch the box to manual mode and you are ready to go.  

 Your PCM or chip tune still controls the pressures in the trans via the TPS input, trans temperature, and shifter position just like normal, this is NOT a complete stand alone unit as it does nothing to effect the pressure directly. It is used for drag racing and sled pulling ONLY.  You can switch it back to “PCM Mode” and the trans will function/shift just like it did before, so you can store the “shift box” under the seat or wherever is out of the way and drive like normal on the street.

Sled pulling:

This box will lock and unlock the converter at demand and will allow you to choose your starting gear when sled pulling also! Most users start in 2nd gear then lock the converter and go to drive.  At the end of the track you can then unlock the converter if you want for those few extra feet while keeping the charger lit.  After the pull simply reset the switches and put it in “PCM” mode and drive off.


Drag racing:

This box will allow you to have full control of the shifting while racing so you can leave the line and lock the converter and go to 2nd all when you want it to happen!  No more waiting on the trans to shift and hanging gears between shifts.  Comes with full picture instructions and weather pack connectors to insure a good connection.  We designed this box ourselves so if you have install questions just ask!  We also offer a full one year warranty on the box!


This box will allow you to get to the gear you want it in on the dyno and keep it there without the worry of down shifting so you can get full boost before letting it rip.  


*This box is for competition use only with a transmission that has been built to hold the power you are putting down.  We have found no negative effects using this box on our trucks or on several beta test units over the last couple years and it works for all years or E4OD and 4R100 both gas and diesel!

**If your transmission does not take the gear immediately after you flip the corresponding switch then the issue is with the transmission mechanically.

This box requires you to cut and wire into your transmission harness (3 wires only!!), its a simple process and all heat shrink connections and picture instructions are included!   




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