Bosch Diesel Fuel Pump Swap Kit (INCLUDES FITTINGS)



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This is the newest release from Bosch (464-200), it is the pump we are using on our NEW fuel systems and can be swapped into place of the Walbro if you choose to.  

This kit will have all the fittings to swap over to the NEW Bosch pump from the Walbro.  


– >275l/h @ 72.5psi (we recommend setting them on a 7.3L at 60psi)
– Supercedes the 0 580 254 044
– Flows ~10% higher than 044 at 72psi
– Weighs 15% less than 044 at 860g
– Current draw similar to 044
– M18x1.5 inlet fitting and M12x1.5 outlet fitting
– External non return valve
– Not suitable for voltage regulation
Compatible with Gasoline and Diesel


If you have a 94-97 truck and are switching to a single tank use the options to add your hose and fitting for the fuel block.  The sump is a Beans Diesel mini with 1/2″ fitting.

**  This pump has been EXTREMELY RELIABLE even being restricted on the 94-97 trucks going through the selector valve.  If you swap this pump on and it is loud, it is telling you there is a restriction!  We recommend switching between both tanks and listening to how the pump sounds with each!  BOSCH carries the warranty on the pump but they wont cover restriction.  


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