Aluminum Radiator and Electric Fans for ’03-’07 Ford Super Duty




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This is a direct bolt-in Flex-a-fit® aluminum radiator and electric fan combo for ‘03-’07 Ford Super Duty trucks with the 6L diesel engine. Flex-a-fit® aluminum radiators made by Flex-a-lite® feature patented sidetank tank technology. The “T” channels offer 130 percent better heat transfer, a durable mounting system for the radiator, electric fan and optional oil cooler or expansion tank. The dual 1-inch all-aluminum radiator core is hand welded in the U.S. to the Flex-a-fit sidetanks. This radiator comes with a Flex-a-lite dual electric fan system with Variable Speed Controller and clutch fan emulator.

  • Fits ‘03-’07 Ford Super Duty with 6L Diesel
  • Brackets are included for no-drill installation
  • Largest radiator ever built by Flex-a-lite® for a heavy-duty, diesel-powered pickup
  • Strongest airflow of any Flex-a-lite electric fan system
  • Includes innovative and exclusive clutch-fan emulator that plugs into existing system to avoid check-engine codes
  • Eliminates more than 20 pounds of weight off of the engine
  • Increases coolant core capacity by 16 percent
  • 2-row, 1-inch tubes
  • Dual electric fan setup comes pre-mounted
  • Up to 6,800 cfm of airflow
  • Includes Variable Speed Controller and clutch fan emulator

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Weight 5 lbs