96-98 Transmission SunCoast Xtreme E4OD REBUILD KIT 96-98 Transmission SunCoast Xtreme






  • .200 overdrive plate stepped (.170)
  • 4 overdrive frictions (.076)
  • 4 Custom SunCoast Kolene steels
  • 3 intermediate frictions (.078)
  • 3 Custom SunCoast Kolen Steels
  • 6 Direct double sided SunCoast frictions
  • 5 Direct Kolene Steels (.068)
  • 1 Custom SunCoast Direct machined pressure plate (.240)
  • 1 Custom SunCoast Direct clutch snap rin (.076)
  • 2 Custom SunCoast selective steels (.078)

SunCoast’s Ford series rebuild kits cover all years from 1989-2015 (kit part number dependent upon year). These kits utilize the latest proven friction materials and steel technology from industry leading companies such as Alto, Exedy, and Raybestos. SunCoast works directly with these companies to design and manufacture proprietary exclusive SunCoast product lines, giving the end user uncompromised quality throughout the entire transmission. SunCoast has designed these kits in house to exact specifications for many intents, including but not limited to towing, sled pulling, racing or having a vehicle to get from point A to point B.


Along with these kits, SunCoast has a full line of billet single and triple disc torque converters ranging from 1800 stall to approximately 3000 RPM (manufactured in-house), billet input/output shaft options, SunCoast designed E-Clutch damper (patent pending) billet steel drums, low and reverse hubs (year dependent), SunCoast 5R110 limit valve, SFI approved flex plates, SFI approved transmission jackets and much more.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs