Dorsey Diesel Stage 4 4r100/E4OD good for 800-1000+hp


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Dorsey Diesel Stage 4 4r100/E4OD good for 800-1000+hp

-This is the bad boy of transmissions.  Full billet!!  Great for full competition use where hard launches and big HP are being used.  This trans is great for sled pulling/drag racing or in a high HP street toy.

  • Pump and valve body are highly modified 
  • Hardened sun shell
  • Billet input shaft
  • Full spline billet forward drum 
  • Billet overdrive planet set
  • Billet intermediate shaft
  • New bushings installed
  • Thrust bushings areas machined to accept thrust bearings for added strength 
  • Upgraded snap rings in high stress areas
  • Added clutches in direct, forward, intermediate and overdrive 
  • Raybestos GPZ clutches used in all packs
  • No electronics are reused all new electronics installed
  • Center support machined for added support rings
  • Coast clutch drum machined and upgraded snap ring added
  • 45 element HD intermediate sprag added
  • Include is aDPC billet triple disc converter 
  • 2 year unlimited mileage warranty on transmissions and converters 
  • Custom colors and powder coating are available call for quote
  • We will do a full inspection on all parts and reseal one time at no additional cost except for shipping
  • These are full competition builds

Core transmissions must be returned complete with no cracked or broken cases      

This is the ULTIMATE transmission!  All the best quality parts and precision machining is put into this transmission!  


** Shipping is $225 each way to the lower 48.  We take the shipping out of the core charge after receiving the core back and refund the difference.