2011-2014 Factory turbo upgrade to 2015 GT37 style turbo

$3,149.00 $2,650.00




This kit is designed to swap in the far more reliable, higher flowing 2015 GT37 turbo in place of the factory, prone to fail 2011-2014 SST turbo.  

 This new turbo will still work with the factory tuning and emissions.  If you are tuned and want more performance out of the gt37, getting the tunes changed will make more power and is HIGHLY recommended! 


The kit includes everything you need for the swap:

Replacement 2015-2016 turbo and hardware for 6.7L diesel  

Higher performance capability than pre-2015 turbos 
  • Turbocharger assembly   
  • Lower intake manifold  
  • Exhaust heatshield
  • EGR inlet tube
  • Turbo outlet clamps   
  • Exhaust outlet tubes (RH & LH)
  • Intake shields
  • Turbo oil line
  • All gaskets including EGR
  • All fasteners, spacers, and studs 

 All Plumbing and hardware are OEM FORD Components.